Data Recovery Solution

Data Recovery Solution

Excessive use of technology can betray you any time likehard drive failure, system crash or any Internet threat. However, your PC's Operating System comes integrated with repair solutions; these fall unconscious in the event of major data loss. Nitroinfotech has developed external utilities thatprove to be superior to your OS's utilities and can retrieve data even from discs that OS repair solutionsfail to recognize.

Nitroinfotech Data Recovery solutionis a mode to recover lost information from scratch. This easy to use instrument works on two simple techniques. However, recovery largely depends on the type of damage. Then again, the impact of damage also sets limits for asolution, though you can recover your information in most of the cases. The effectiveness of this solution data recovery solution can be understood when using it for retrieving information in the event of physical damage.

Data Recovery solution can get back your files, folders, pictures or anything that you have stored in your PC's hard drives. The application works in a time-effective manner and can bring missing information back. In spite of various benefits, the solution can be availed at a pocket-friendly cost.

Data recovery dedicatedly proffers solutions to the clients to overcome crestfallen data loss situations; our vast range of products includes recovery from various Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, Mac, and so on), Desktop, Server, Laptop, database, and tape recovery.

We Work On:

  • Files that get deleted due to improper shutdown or a sudden power outage
  • Files damaged due to accidental formatting
  • Contacts, address book, missing file or directory
  • Files obstructed with virus attack
  • Data from broken Hard Drives
  • Files corrupted from partitions recovered
  • Proffers in email conversion
  • Mailbox corruption
  • Files that are hampered or lost because of server corruption
  • Salvages database corruption
  • RAID system failure
  • Restoration even if media is corrupt
  • FAT or VFAT errors
  • File recovery from sabotage

Storage Media Supported

An immaculate solution supports varioustypes of storage media: Hard Disks, Flash Cards, DAT Cartridges, Tape Cartridges, Floppies, Thumb Drives, ZIP/JAZZ disks, and many more.

Rescue Operating Systems

Data recovery best work on recovery from several Operating Systems: RAID Servers, LINUX, Windows Me, Windows 9X, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Win XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, DOS, Novell NetWare, OS/2, UNIX, and Macintosh.

Computer Forensics Services:

Data Recovery has achieved the crescendo of success as it absolutely enables data recovery and completely comprehends theuser's requirement. Nitroinfotech has strongly accomplished various computer forensic cases.

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